What Is Thermal Spray?

Thermal spray is used to help protect materials during the manufacturing of industrial equipment. Applying thermal spray is often one of the last steps in the manufacturing process. Thermal spray goes by several names. Some refer to is as plasma, flame, HVOF, or arc spray. Usually, thermal spray coating is used during the manufacturing of metal equipment. However, it can also work on plastics.

The Most Versatile Spray

Manufacturers often choose thermal spray for their coating because it can be used on a variety of different metal and platic substrates. It is also an excellent replacement for plating. It is just as good, if not better than, nickel weld and chrome plating and overlay.

Thicker Protection

Thermal spray also offers a thicker barrier. The thickness can depend on how the thermal spray is applied, and the materials that the thermal spray is made out of. usually, it offers a shield that is .002 to .025 inches deep.

What Does Thermal Spray Do?

Thermal spray can enhance the material it is applied to. It often results in a better performance when the material that’s been treated with thermal spray is put to work. The spray also offers protection to the component.

Are There Different Types Of Thermal Spray?

Thermal spray can come in different forms. HVOF, and arc spray coating are not just alternative names for thermal spray. They’re also descriptive. HVOF is used to melt and apply metals that have much higher melting points then the materials spread with arc spray. That’s because a HVOF sprayer has the ability to melt with components with combustible oxygen.

Coating With Metal Makes The Product Cheaper And Durable

Metals can be expensive. To slash production cost, it’s often wise to have materials coated with metals and plastics, rather then making them out of it. That’s mainly why manufacturers use thermal sprays. Metals add a lot of strength to a product. Stainless steal can make a product practically unbreakable.

Why Is It Called Thermal Spray?

Thermal spray gets its name because it uses heat to liquidize metals and plastics so they can be sprayed onto a material. These metals and plastics are usually, but not always, in powder form before they’re melted. They’re then sprayed onto a surface at an extremely high velocity. This allows the product to stay liquid until it has reached its target.

Who Uses Thermal Spray?

People who are in the field of welding often use thermal spray to finish products, materials and equipment they’re producing. Those who use thermal spray have some sort of technical education which allows them to utilize it safely and efficiently. It can be hazardous to those who have not been trained.

A Lot Of Equipment And Products Are Treated With Thermal Spray

You may not realize it, but it’s likely you see something everyday that’s been treated with thermal spray. If you work in an office building, some of the components of that elevator you use have been treated by sprayed materials. Thermal spray is an important industry practice that’s used to complete the objects and equipment we depend on.

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