The Many Uses Of The Arc Spraying Technique

Arc spraying is an important process that provides a variety of benefits over similar techniques – and in this guide we’re going to reveal some of the key uses of the arc spraying technique. With this in mind, let’s get straight to it.

First of all, perhaps one of the biggest benefits of arc spraying is the fact that it’s highly resistant to corrosion, which means it can be used in situations that simply wouldn’t be suitable for an alternative technique. Now, let’s take a look at the many uses that arc spraying is useful for.

1 – Wind turbines

As you may expect, wind turbines are vulnerable to corrosion due to their exposure to the environment in all weathers – and this makes them perfect candidates for the arc spraying technique. In fact, most manufacturers of turbines will finish them with a resilient blend of zinc and aluminum alloy that provides unrivaled protection towards corrosion. Of course, it also renders a wonderful finish, too.

2 – Bridges

Similar to wind turbines, a bridge is often exposed to severe weather – and for safety reasons – it needs to be tough and resilient at all times. In general, thermal spraying techniques are used to finish the platform structures of most bridges, with the application of thermal sprayed aluminum, via the process of arc thermal spraying. The spray will instantly solidify on contact with the surface, and leave a dense coating that should last for many years to come.

3 – Petrochemical plants

Another popular use for arc spraying is within petrochemical plants, where the process is favored over any alternative due to the incredible resilience and durability it offers, especially when it comes to corrosion. One of the biggest maintenance costs for any petrochemical plant is something known as ‘corrosion under insulation’ that occurs when the effects of corrosion are increased under wet insulation.

Of course, the arc spraying technique provides a powerful way to resist corrosion, which ultimately means the expensive piping systems used in these plants will last longer without needing maintenance or complete replacement.

4 – Movies sets

One of the most interesting and unusual uses for this technique is to finish polystyrene props that are commonly used on movie sets. While these items may lack a great deal of realism when they’re seen up close, with the use of an arc-sprayed metallic finish, it’s possible to achieve an incredible level of realism at a very cost-effective price.

In general, the polystyrene will be finished with a combination of steel and zinc, which gives the prop improved strength, as well as making it resistant to the bumps and scrapes it’s likely to incur while it’s being used on a movie set.


Overall, it’s safe to say that the arc spraying process is a key technique in a variety of industries, and thanks to it’s fantastic anti-corrosion properties, it’s one of the most important finishing techniques used in the modern world. So if you’re considering the possibility of using this technique for your project, you’ll be making a great decision.

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